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Author: Eric Uhlfelder
Fall 2017, Private Wealth Magazine
There are straight forward ways to identify hedge funds that offer unique exposure, generate consistent returns, with moderate to low volatility, and which have demonstrated consistent investment processes that help potential investors understand and assess risk.
30 October 2017, Barron’s
An unorthodox background, a different approach to event-driven investing, coupled with a healthy dose of skepticism has helped Ilya Zaides’s KG Investments to not only consistently top the market since it was launched 9 year ago, but to do so with less risk.
28 August 2017, Barron’s
While it remains among the industry’s least favorite strategy, especially as the bull market continues to run, many Event-Driven funds have been doing well and may be the best way to navigate more turbulent markets that will likely accompany 2018.


Author: Eric Uhlfelder
31 July 2017, Barron’s
They still aren’t beating the market, but hedge funds did reasonably well during the first half of 2017, led by strategies focusing on Emerging Markets, Activism, and Europe. The laggards: CTAs, Global Macro, and Distressed. The near-term outlook for funds remain benign. But the big worries: extremely low volatility, unproven leadership coming out Washington, and a slew of global issues, each with the capacity to shock markets.


Author: Eric Uhlfelder
19 June 2017, Barron's
A small, unknown Madrid-based fund topped this year’s hedge fund survey, outdistancing the second-place finisher by the widest margin ever tracked: an annualized rate of nearly 3 percentage points over the past three years through 2016. EQMC excelled by relying on the unique European strategy of benign activism. The managers help quality small-cap firms realize their potential. More traditional strategies that were well represented in the top 100 list included Equity Long-Short and Quants. And a surprising number of CTAs and Macro managers bucked their strategy’s negative trends.
21 February 2017, The New York Times
Levying a permanent, dedicated tax on the construction of ultra high-end rental apartments and on the sale of luxury condominiums could finance the steady creation of truly affordable housing across New York. Successful precedent of such a self-sustaining fund is found in Battery Park City, when city and state authorities agreed to channel excess revenue generated by this highly successful community to restore low-income housing into the city’s neediest neighborhoods.


Author: Eric Uhlfelder
Somewhere between the Ideal and Reality
2 February 2017, Huffington Post
How to keep a marriage vital? That’s the theme of “Yours Unfaithfully,” which was never staged since British playwright Miles Malleson penned the story 80 years ago. The subject is as difficult to write about compellingly as it is to produce. But the Mint Theater’s world premier does a splendid job dealing with this age-old question, suggestively recalling the candor of Thomas Hardy’s “Jude The Obscure,” which brought impassioned scorn to the novelist just two generations before Malleson created his vision of union.