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10 September 2018, The Wall Street Journal
Hedge funds were suppose to thrive with volatility returning to the market. But their anemic performance during the first half of the year shows owning the S&P 500 Index continues to be a better bet . . . for the 10th straight year.


Author: Eric Uhlfelder
27 August 2018, Barron’s
Most investors have the impression the corporate bond market is a place where only savvy institutions can navigate. But hundreds of these sometimes attractively yielding securities trade on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq. They are as easy and as cheap to buy as stocks with unique call features that can help keep prices near par--and less volatile--as rates ease higher.
6 August 2018, Barron’s
In spite of the country being known for its innovative and technological prowess, Israel’s tiny stock market has been floundering. But several of the nation’s top hedge fund managers have been able to exploit this under-researched market and deliver performance that revivals the US.


Author: Eric Uhlfelder
5 August 2018, The Wall Street Journal
Relying on your bank to execute foreign exchange transactions can be very expensive and you often don’t even know it since the key cost of currency trade—the spread between what the prevailing rates may be and what you receive—is opaque. An evolving industry of international payment specialists is greatly increasing transparency and dramatically cutting costs of buying and selling euros, pounds, and yens.


Author: Eric Uhlfelder
30 April 2018, Barron’s
While most media attention on hedge funds is focused on the uber wealthiest of funds, for the third straight year a small foreign manager has taken the top spot in the Barron’s annual hedge fund survey. Allocators should take note of the reasons why small funds can excel.
25 February 2018, New York Daily News
A relentless building boom has been transforming nearly every corner of New York City, even those supposedly protected by landmark preservation status. The blame falls squarely on an inept chairwoman Meenakshi Srinivasan and Mayor Bill De Blasio.
5 February 2018, Financial Times
Venerable private equity shops like KKR, Apollo, and Carlyle were always thought to be the exclusive domain of sophisticated high-end investors. But these groups have started issuing preferred shares that tap into their cash flows to pay attractive dividends to anyone with a brokerage account.
September 2018, WestView News
When it premiered on Broadway in 1936, Days to Come closed a week later. But the Mint Theater production reveals the timelessness and merit of this early work of one of the country’s best-known playwrights.


Author: Eric Uhlfelder
December 2017, International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocates
Recent European judicial rulings decided costs related to when flights are delayed due to bird strikes are unavoidable and should not be shouldered by airlines or airports. But this updated version of the National Press Club award-winning article further reveals implementation of avian radar can significantly reduce the risk of bird strikes, clearly suggesting the airline industry, airports, and regulators can do a better job protecting planes, passengers, and wildlife.