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5 May 2019, The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal’s first formal review of hedge funds tracked more portfolio metrics than any other periodical review. It revealed not only the potential of smaller-sized funds, but dozens of all sizes that have not only outpaced the market over the short- and long-term, but have done so with less volatility, drawdown, and risk than straight market exposure.


Author: Eric Uhlfelder
May 2019, SALT Conference, Las Vegas
Written for the preeminent hedge fund industry conference, this story addresses the paradox between poor broad industry performance and a select number of funds that actually deliver on the promise of hedge funds. The story identifies the underlying characteristics that make investing in certain hedge fund managers worthwhile.
26 March 2019, Institutional Investor
Quest Partner’s $1.4 billion AQO fund has racked up nearly twice the annualized returns of the S&P 500 over the past 20 years, largely because its founder decided to systematically target shifts in volatility, knowing there’s greater uncertainty in longer-term exposure.
9 March 2019, New York Daily News
Prior to the radical vote that will introduce congestion pricing to the first American City, New York, this commentary challenges the logic of taxing drivers (to both raise funds for the ailing transit system and to discourage drivers to enter Manhattan) and instead focuses attention of the underlying reasons why we have so much congestion in Manhattan in the first place.


Author: Eric Uhlfelder
31 December 2018, Barron’s
Legacy European preferred shares, which trade in the US pay a constant dividend and cannot be converted into equities if issuers stumble into hard times, turned into compelling high-yield value plays at the end of 2018 when the entire market sold off.
December 2018, WestView News
The 50th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s assassination was marked by the premier of a one-man play that tracked the last three months of the NY Senator’s life as he was on the verge of securing the Democratic nomination for president.
8 October 2018, The Wall Street Journal
In spite of two years of the Federal Reserve Bank raising overnight rates to 2%, large name brand banks continue paying nil on their savings account. This article reviews alternative ways to secure safe, FDIC-insured yields that more closely match prevailing rates.